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Please provide three (3) topics and I will select one (1) for you to discuss in your final term paper. Use one of your text book chapters as the basis for this paper.

Include a preliminary set of 5-10 references that you plan to use for each topic (see syllabus and ‘Library Use’ announcement for more information.) You should include specific chapters from your text book as one of the references.

Write an outline to show what issues and sub-topics you will discuss and show which of your references will apply to which issue or sub-topic.

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Ensure that the paper will also address

– issues related to this course, and

– that it will help to further your career goals or interests.

You will have to complete a 10 page paper, in your own words, using references according to the American Psychological Association’s (APA) format in the body of the paper and at the end in the bibliography. Note that, as described in the syllabus, you will have to include primary source data (scientific, scholarly, peer-reviewed papers and information published by governments).

Please write in your own words, using a professional, scholarly style. Points will be deducted for spelling and grammatical errors. I strongly recommend that you consult Vaughn’s ARC, Writing Center or another resource for editing help before you submit your paper.

Plagiarism, depending on the extent will result in points being deducted to failing the course and possible disciplinary action as noted in the syllabus and college catalog. Please use Turnitin for this and other courses’ written assignments as a method of helping you improve the original content of your papers.

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