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Assignment #4 – Leadership Concepts Paper (15%) – May use first person.

1. The graduate nurse evidences leadership as seen in the four domains: the profession of nursing, clinical practice arena, health policy arena, and systems level.

2. In order to complete this assignment, a short quiz about your leadership style is required. Go to http://psychology.about.com/library/quiz/bl-leadershipquiz.htm and take the 18 question quiz. This will take approximately 5 minutes.

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3. Submit a 4–6 page paper in APA format.

a. Report the findings from the quiz – what kind of leader were you? How does this fit into your beliefs about your leadership style?

b. Discuss the attributes of leadership that may be needed for graduate level nurses.

c. Discuss the personal leadership attributes you feel you have that will help you in your graduate nursing role. Also discuss those attributes that you feel you may need to develop in your graduate nursing role.

d. Leadership is a core competency of graduate nursing. Do you agree? Why or why not?

e. Identify and explain an example of leadership in one of the four domains that you need to develop.

f. How would you employ the concept of empowerment in the leadership example.

g. Does leadership as a competency help clarify graduate nursing in your mind? Please explain.

h. Finish with a quote from a scholarly article related to leadership in nursing or in an advanced role in nursing. Consider reviewing leadership journals such as The Journal of Nursing Scholarship or Nursing Leadership Forum or The American Journal of Nursing, Journal of Nursing Administration, Nursing Administration Quarterly, Nursing Management, or Health Care Management Review or any article pertaining to leadership that you feel is appropriate to your paper.

Assignment #4 – Grading Criteria

Report quiz results and discuss how this impactsyour current beliefs.10
Analyze and discuss the attributes of leadership for graduate level nurses.15
Identify and describe personal leadership attributes, including those which you would like to develop.10
Analyze and discuss whether or not leadership is a core competency of advanced practice nursing.10
Identify and explain an example of leadership in one of the four domains.15
Analyze and describe ways to employ the empowerment concept in the leadership example.10
Analyze and describe how leadership as a competency helps to clarify graduate nursing.10
Use at least three scholarly references on leadership in the discussion and cite it correctly.10
APA style (including grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure as well as formatting and references)10

My leadership style is democratice