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“After reading the case, assume you are a lawyer,  your client, Van Gorkom has been approached by the board of Directors. He comes to you for advice.  What would you advise the Van Gorkom to do?
1. the business judgment rule
2. rights of the Directors
3. obligations of prudent directors
4. other issues discussed by the court

You, as a lawyer must be objective and NOT  insert your personal beliefs in the answer.  Use the IRAC analytical format to  respond to each separate issue you find (there are more issues than listed)”

Smith V Van Gorkom.pdfPreview the documentView in a new window

 You may do additional internet research,   the search terms “Smith”  and ” Van Gorkom” and  “Delaware” will be helpful

Response Posts: Respond to the posts of at least 2 other students.

          Note: You will not be able to respond to the other posts until you have submitted your post.

Note: The student response for this case is due one week from today.  This case is very long.  Students are required to read the majority opinion of this case.  The concurrence and the dissent in this case is optional reading. 

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See Calendar above for original post and response post due dates. Be sure that this course is selected in the side menu




Please use this style : 


I post this homwork for Mr. Research Pro.



I acetuly want you write one and half pages for this homework and i need a good job . Check for the spailing when you write the paper. I want you use the IRAC format : 


 IRAC analysis in the format that we discussed in class. It is preferred that your response be uploaded. Please be succinct in your response. Be careful not to make errors using anagrams or homophones. Note the examples provided


1.  I-Issue


write …….


2.  R-Rule


write …..


3.  A-Analysis


write ……


4.  C-Conclusion


write ……


5.  What I learned


write …………………………..


after that i want two respond the frist one for the Conclusion just 3 sentens…. the second one for the -Analysis just 3 sentens. that yet,

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