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Issue Spotter, generally:

  • All assignments must be APA compliant.
  • All assignments in this category will require you to examine a fact pattern and spot any relevant questions of law or ethics that arise given the context of the assignment. For each issue, fully explain your reasons why you think that issue exists and why it matters
  • Issue Spotter: Torts
    • Examine a civil fact pattern and determine what, if any, suits you would bring against the identified defendant & what are the required elements to prove the case. Do you think the Plaintiff or the Defendant will prevail & why?

Lex Luthor is sitting in holding after being dropped off by a particularly special resident of Metropolis. There are reports he started his day with a breakfast at Lex Corp, his billion-dollar company with offices downtown.
Something must have made him upset during breakfast, and he threw his plate at the wait staff. One of the waiters was struck in the face by the plate and burned by the piping hot omelet still stuck to the china. Lex then shouted at everyone in the room to get back to work or else they would get a plate to the face as well.
After breakfast, Lex had a seizure for the first time in his life. While flailing about, he struck a doctor that was called in to attend to him. After receiving medical care, Lex improved and went about his day.
According to reports, two hours after breakfast Lex was seen by the warehouse district in one of the holding buildings he owned. Inside, he was seen with Lois Lane in one of the back offices. He told her that if she left the room he would blow up the warehouse and her place of business, the Daily Planet. He left the door to the room unlocked, and even left the door wide open. Satisfied his threat hit home, he left to go to another one of his properties.
Later in the evening, Superman knocked down the door to Lex’s office, blowing off its hinges. Lex was about to be scooped up by Superman, and Superman shouted “you are under arrest, villain!” He then wrapped Lex Luthor in chains, picked him up, and flew him to the police station.

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