*KIM WOODS* Right to Counsel


(See the sample APA paper attached as a guide)


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Prepare a 900 to 1,100 word paper in which you analyze the aspect(s) of right to counsel.

·         Examine the development of right to counsel andwhen the right to counsel attaches to criminal procedure, as well as the right to self-representation.

·         Additionally, be sure to define the role of attorneys in the criminal justice system as it applies to right to counsel.


Note: Do not include an abstract.


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines, to include “third person” and “active voice,” an introduction, summary (or conclusion), APA headings, title page, scholarly references and citations


Please ensure that your references are from acceptable scholarly sources – that means, they should generally come from your assigned reading (at least one should be from the course textbooks), the Online library, professional journals and government agency websites.  Please review resources in the library for more information on credible references.  Some examples of unacceptable references include “Findlaw.com,” online dictionaries and encyclopedias, “Wikipedia,” “eHow.com,” “Associated Content,” commercial and essay websites. For definitions use your textbook and craft definitions based on what you have learned from your assigned reading – remember to cite the textbook. For a legal reference, instead of the commercial website, “Findlaw.com,” use the Cornell Law School legal dictionary and sources such as the US Code.




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