Journal Report

Journal Report Guidelines:

1.     1. What is the main idea or issue of focus in your news articles? Remember to incorporate at least 5 related to themes of the course.

2.     2. Is any background history provided to establish or inform the political, economic, social and or historical context?

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3.     3. How might nationalism, identity, the impact of imperialism or colonialism, as well as the post-Cold war period inform the “politics” of the conflict?

4.     4. Describe the way the issue is framed. Are there particular words or clauses that you find compelling in the language used to describe ethno-political, religious or ethno-nationalist conflicts? 

5.     5. How are claims supported with evidence?

6.     6. Consider the usage of visual imagery and determine how representations accurate or otherwise become apparent.

7.     7. How did your perceptions change/or were they reinforced? Describe how.

8.     * Please note that these guidelines apply to articles, visual media (documentaries/film) or textual references that you use for your journal report/project.

9.     8. Your assignment should be between 5 and 7 pages and remember to include a bibliography.

1.     9. Your journal report is due in class, on June 6th and be sure to re-read the description of the purpose and objectives of the journal report in the syllabus.


In an effort to challange and perhaps consider news ways of thinking about ethnicity, nationalism, identity politics, you will be asked to compile at least 5 news articles related to the themes of the course through the lens of current(contemporary) events and search for patterns or congruent themes that you discover which pertain to representations of conflicts, media images, and historical reference inform the current discouse on struggles for power and forms of goverment across the globe. How your own understanding of contemporary political events, the use of old and new media has possibl changed perceptions including yours and what the larger themes that you identify relate to ethnicity, the impact of nationalism, imperialism, colonialism, and post Cold-war developments.

For this assignment, you are expected to turn 5-7 page journal report that address these aspects. Please submit your articles in conjuction with your report. Please use at least 5-8 sources and be sure to include a bibliography and use repurable news sites (e.g. CNN, NBC news, Al-Jazeera etc.) but also draw at least one journals and articles from databases such as JSTOR or Academic Search Premier. You can use APA or Chicago style. Please avoid Wikipedia. 


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