Journal 2


In one section of this lesson’s prescription for managing stress we noted the positive stress of having a sense of purpose in relationship to your personal definition of spirituality. For some of you, the extension of this sense of self is evident in your doctrines and religious beliefs based on that which you might have learned throughout your childhood from your caretakers and as an adult from religious leaders such as priests, ministers, rabbis, monks or other religious teachers. A sense of spiritual well-being also includes a well thought out idea of why you have been placed on the earth and how that personal purpose might guide you in your everyday decisions.

Techniques such as contemplating, meditating, or praying on “why am I here” surely may help you to understand when things go right. When things don’t go as you have planned, these same techniques will allow you to cope effectively. Included in a purpose-driven life might be life goals, value clarification and how you personally receive a sense of fulfillment.

In the second journal assignment, I am asking you to respond to some questions that might lead to answers to your particular purpose in life. Sometimes answering the question, “why am I here?” is too taunting a task. To make this assignment easier, you will ask yourself a few questions to tease out some of the answers that would lead to the BIG question of your purpose in life. If you had a concrete answer to this question, imagine how it would impact each moment of your day.

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  1. Consider the following question and how you would answer it.
    • “Why do you think you have been placed on the earth or what is your purpose?” 
  2. Create a Word document.
    • Type your name at the top.
    • Answer the following specific questions relating to sense of purpose:
      • What is unfinished for me to give?
      • What is unfinished for me to heal?
      • What is unfinished for me to learn?
      • What is unfinished for me to experience?
  3. Save your document as a PDF.
  4. Submit your document by uploading it to this assignment by the due date.

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