IT 560 Assignment 4



Assignment Grading Rubric Course: IT560 Unit: 4 Points: 100

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Unit 4 Assignment




After reading your recommendations regarding the new system implementation for TBWI, the CEO determines that at this point an off the shelf system would be the more appropriate choice for the company. Begin by researching several (at least 2) available off the shelf systems based on your project for Unit 3 (in other words, if you discussed customer relationship management systems in Unit 3, research customer relationship management systems for this paper). Give a basic comparison of the systems you reviewed and recommend the one you feel is best suited for TBWI. Explain how this system will meet the needs of TBWI and explain in detail how the project manager will facilitate each step of the implementation process. Remember to explain based on the implementation process you recommended in Unit 3.




Your response should be at least 1200 words, written in proper APA format using 1 inch margins, Times New Roman 12 point font, double spaced, a title page, headers, headings (where appropriate), in-text citations and a reference page. Please make sure that you include a minimum of three references, at least one of which is a primary source. Assignment Criteria

Points possible

Points earned by student

Student identifies their Unit 3 project and at least two off the shelf software packages Student identifies off the shelf product 1



Student identifies off the shelf product 2





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