IP unit 2 MKTG628

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Part 1 (100 Points)

At the second meeting of the e-marketing team initiative, President Learner has selected you to formulate a marketing plan for the university.

Send him your revised marketing plan that you developed for IP 1. It is acceptable to use either PowerPoint or Word for IP 2. As a review, the plan involves the following:

  • Explain your marketing plan for your vision of the future MedEd/CHC, covering the following marketing planning stages:
    • Mission
    • Critical Analysis/SWOT
    • Target Market Sought
    • Value Proposition(s)/University Brand Image(s) Desired
    • Marketing Mix Specifics that Support Value Proposition(s)/University Brand Image(s) Desired

Part 2 (100 Points)

Develop a 1,000–1,200-word plan about the online communication strategies that you wish to have. Include the following:

  • Repeat your Value Proposition(s)/University Brand Image(s) from Part 1
  • Explain what your university Web pages should be like (e.g., the headline, background copy, layout, and other aspects). In other words, what will its content be? Are there any features or services?
    • Describe how your value propositions/brand image(s) are met with this.
  • Select 1 other form of online communication (such as e-mail marketing, social media, banner or pop-up ads, or mobile marketing), and explain the details about what you will do for this. Go into detail about the wording and content you will use.
    • Describe how your value propositions/brand image(s) are met with this.

Please submit your assignment.

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