Instruction Paper

This assignment is a follow-on to a previous submitted instruction draft document.   This assignment will produce the completed instruction with corrections based off of peer review and other attached document identifying assignment objectives.


Below are three categories that I focus my feedback on for the research proposal assignment. If you scroll further, you will also see the assessment areas – these include the assignment instructions criteria, components checklist, and rubric (scores for each area of assessment). I highlight these aspects to show any unmet criterion/components and then assessment ranks in the rubric.

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1.        Topic Feedback:

2.        Instructional Guide Genre Feedback:

3.        Writing Style Feedback:

Assignment Instructions:

1. Complete this assignment using desktop publishing software that can output to a PDF document OR video production software (such as Camtasia – free trial versions are available for a 30-day period — or you might try out other free video software).

2. Write an ORIGINAL instructional manual in appropriately-spaced/visual format that meets genre expectations; no page requirement or length is specified – this will depend on the topic/task selected. The guide needs to include at least 10 steps to complete a technical task, include at least 1 type of a technical definition, 1 type of a technical description, graphics to support completing the task, and be detailed enough to support the user’s needs.


      Note: You many need to scan objects/graphics or use a digital camera and take photos to extract any graphics that you want to copy/paste/insert in the guide. You may also hand draw sketches and then photograph these sketched to “show” what your desired graphics might be for the instructional guide. In other words, you can use hand drawn sketches to give me an idea of what you have in mind. (I do not grade on your artistic talent!) 

If you want to use a graphics tool, you may – but this is not required and is beyond the scope of the course teachings. (You might also download a trial version of capturing software like Snagit (free 30-day version) or other free/trial software to capture screen shots)


3. Save the document using your last name, underscore, “Assignment8”. (As an example, a student with the last name of Smith should save the document as Smith_Assignment8.pdf.)

4. Submit your assignment via the Assignment area in LEO as an attachment for assessment. (NOTE: If the file exceeds the allowable limit in WebTycho, contact the instructor for other ways to submit your work. A “how to” video can be uploaded to YouTube, or a larger file can be sent via email.)

Assignment Scenario:

You have been tasked to create an ORIGINAL instructional guide for your company (or future workplace, or for fellow UMUC students or fellow hobbyists) that explains how to complete a technical task. (The topic of the guide is of your choice, but it must be long enough to include 10 steps, 1 type of a definition from chapter 20, 1 type of a description from chapter 20, and graphics to support task completion).

In Assignment 5 (Instructional Manual Topic Description and Audience Analysis), you identified a task to write instructional support for and conducted an audience and task analysis to identify the users and their informational needs for reading the instructional manual.

For Assignment 8 (Instructional Manual), you create a fully usable ORIGINAL instructional guide (either print-based as a PDF or web-based as a video).

Assignment Components:

1.        The instructional manual includes (see the Genre Components checklist handout for guidance on possible content/sections to include):


  • Correct genre format/layout, headings, & graphics

o    Logical numbering system (major tasks) and decimal system (for minor/sub-tasks) is used.

o    Headings & sub-headings use correct & consistent format/style

o    Graphics are appropriately labeled and placed to support textual meaning

  • Preliminary information

o    Title is in gerund (ing) or “How to” format

o    Legal/safety information is provided if necessary

o    Table of Contents or listed information is provided (needed or provided items/tools)

o    Prerequisites to complete task(s) is provided

o    Time to complete task is provided

  • Introductory information

o    Purpose and/or goals statement is provided

o    Overview and/or rationale statement is provided (if needed)

o    Approval notice/date is provided (if needed)

  • Body information (primary & secondary information)

o    Step-by-step information (major and minor tasks) is provided and uses imperative/command voice

o    Support information (definitions, descriptions, specifications/standards, graphics/figures) are provided

o    Supplemental support information (tips & notes, warnings/dangers/cautions, examples/explanations, system responses/reactionary statements, references, and/or cross-references) are provided

  • Concluding information

o    Note of completion is provided

o    Support information (thank you for purchasing, summary of main points, relationship to other products/documents, technical help, recommendations for additional readings – as needed) are provided


o    Supplemental support information (glossary or terms or index) are provided

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