Information Systems homework help

Question 5
You are in charge of designing a Project Management database for a business organization.
The following entities are considered: Projects, Managers(managing the projects),
Employees(working on the projects). Each project has its assigned manager, but managers and
employees can be associated with several projects as needed. Propose a DB framework,
without going into secondary details. How many tables you will need and how these tables will
be related?
Question 6
Give an example of using each one the following datatypes: Short Text, Long Integer, Yes/No,
Question 7
You are in charge of designing a DB for a social club, to record and manage member activities
over a fixed time period (such as a year). Club management proposes the following DB
structure: TABLE (MemberID, MemberInformation, Activity1, ActivitySchedule1, ActivityFees1,
Activity2, ActivitySchedule2, ActivityFees2, Activity3, ActivitySchedule3, ActivityFees3, Activity4,
ActivitySchedule4, ActivityFees4, TotalFees) Do you see problems with such a design? Can you
propose a better design?
Question 8
Consider the following DB framework outline that links pilots to airplanes that they can be
assigned to, depending on the actual needs of an airline company. (Needs are dictated by the
routes served, the schedule to follow, the number of passengers for a route and scheduled
flight, etc.). PILOT (EmployeeID, EmployeeInformation,…., PlaneID) PlaneID foreign key to
PLANE PLANE (PlaneID, PlaneInformation, ….)
Is this DB framework correct? Explain.