INF 260 – 002 – Object-Oriented Programming – I – Fall 2012 Project #2 *Due 11/5/2012, Monday, 10:00AM IMPORTANT:…

INF 260 – 002 – Object-Oriented Programming – I – Fall 2012
Project #2
*Due 11/5/2012, Monday, 10:00AM

IMPORTANT: You can use any IDE for creating your programs. Create the programs and save them. Compile and run the programs. Save the screenshot of the successfully run programs and submit the screenshots with the corresponding source code files .
Programs should be well-commented to make their understanding easy. Variable-names should be so chosen that it is easily to visualize what is going on.

7.14/256 (Exploring matrix) Write a program that prompts the user to enter of a square matrix, randomly fills in 0s and 1s into the matrix, prints the matrix, finds the row, columns, and diagonals with all 0s or 1s. Here is a sample run of the program.
Enter the size for the matrix: 4 —Enter
All 0s on row 1
All 1s on row 3
No same numbers on a column
No same numbers on the major diagonal
No same numbers on the sub-diagonal
7.17/257-258 (Financial tsunami) Banks lend money to each other. In tough economic times, if a bank goes bankrupt, it may not be able to pay back the loan. A bank’s total assets are its current balance plus its loans to other banks. Figure 7.8 is a diagram that shows five banks. The banks’ current balances are
25, 125, 175, 75, and 1.81 million dollars, respectively. The directed edge from node 1 to node 2 indicates that bank 1 lends 40 million dollars to bank 2.
FIGURE 7.8 Banks lend money to each other.
If a bank’s total assets are under a certain limit, the bank is unsafe. The money it borrowed cannot be returned to the lender, and the lender cannot count the loan in its total assets. Consequently, the lender may also be unsafe, if its total assets are under the limit. Write a program to find all unsafe banks. Your program reads the input as follows. It first reads two integers n and limit, where n indicates the number of banks and limit is the minimum total assets for keeping a bank safe. It then reads n lines that describe the information for n banks with id from 0 to n-1. The first number in the line is the bank’s balance, the second number indicates the number of banks that borrowed money from the bank, and the rest are pairs of two numbers. Each pair describes a borrower. The first number in the pair is the borrower’s id and the second is the amount borrowed. For example, the input for the five banks in Figure 7.8 is as follows (note that the limit is 201):
5 201
25 2 1 100.5 4 320.5
125 2 2 40 3 85
175 2 0 125 3
75 75 1 0 125
181 1 2 125
The total assets of bank 3 are (75 + 125), which is under 201. So, bank 3 is unsafe. After bank 3 becomes unsafe, the total assets of bank 1 fall below (125 + 40). So, bank 1 is also unsafe. The output of the program should be
Unsafe banks are 3 1
(Hint: Use a two-dimensional array borrowers to represent borrowers[i][j] indicates the loan that bank i loans to bank j. Once becomes unsafe, borrowers[i][j] should be set to 0.)
8.1/296 (The Rectangle class) Following the example of the Circle class in 8.2, design a class named Rectangle to represent a rectangle. The class contains:
· Two double data fields named width and height that specify the wid and height of the rectangle. The default values are 1 for both width and height.
· A no-arg constructor that creates a default rectangle.
· A constructor that creates a rectangle with the specified width and height.
· A method named getArea() that returns the area of this rectangle.
· A method named getPerimeter() that returns the perimeter.

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Implement the class. Write a test program that creates two Rectangle objects—one with width 4 and height 40 and the other with width 3.5 and height 35.9. Display the width, height, area and perimeter of each rectangle in this order.
8.7/297 (The Account class) Design a class named Account that contains:
· A private int data field named id for the account (default 0).
· A private double data field named balance for the account (default 0).
· A private double data field named annualInterestRate that stores the current interest rate (default 0). Assume all accounts have the same interest rate.
· A private Date data field named dateCreated that stores the date when the account was created.
· A no-arg constructor that creates a default account.
· A constructor that creates an account with the specified id and initial balance.
· The accessor and mutator methods for id, balance, and annualInterestRate.
· The accessor method for dateCreated.
· A method named getMonthlyInterestRate() that returns the monthly interest rate.
· A method named withdraw that withdraws a specified amount from the account.
· A method named deposit that deposits a specified amount to the account.

Implement the class. Write a test program that creates an Account object with an account ID of 1122, a balance of $20,000, and an annual interest rate of 4.5%. Use the withdraw method to withdraw $2,500, use the deposit method to deposit $3,000, and print the balance, the monthly interest and the date when this account was created.
PS: Be sure to follow the instructions related to Input/Output, coding conventions, directions on comments, naming conventions, indentation, spacing, block styles and what to turn in – as specified after assignment 1 while writing your programs.
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