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Write an argument in which you argue the value or risks of a specific video or computer game or category of games.  Aim your argument at people who are likely to disagree with you; for example, if you are arguing about the dangers of a particular game, construct your argument in such a way that people who enjoy the game will nevertheless want to have a conversation with you about it.  Somewhere in your argument, recognize alternative views and refute them.  You must use at least two sources from the “Video Games and Their Influence” section of the text and it is strongly suggested that two of those sources are Anderson and Gentile, and Jenkins.  6-8 pages, in third person, persuasive essay, 5-6 outside sources

Proposal claim and outline due Tuesday 2/18

Completed draft of essay and outline for workshop due Thursday 2/20

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I already did the outline and I posted it here, so please follow the outline exactly and dont use hard vocabulary.

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