Identifying Quantitative Nursing Research Articles

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Instructions for Completing Your Assignment

Step one:Choose the topic, identify a nursing clinical practice problem that you would like to explore. Using the information that you discussed in Module 1 Discussion- Research Problem, briefly discuss the significance and identify the gap in the literature. (Why do you need to study this problem?)

Step two: Complete the readings from Module 1, 2 & 3, focusing on Chapter 7 Stages of a Literature Review pp.126-134, and 18.

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Step three:Search for at least FOUR nursing research articles that relate to your clinical problem using Academic Search Complete, CINHAL, Pubmed, Google Scholar, or any other database that contains nursing research articles. Make note of your search strategy (keywords and databases used) to integrate into your next assignment.

  • Your studies must be quantitative research articles (for example: quantitative descriptive, correlational or quasi-experimental or experimental designs). At least two studies must be prospective (data actually collected at the time of the study). The other two may be retrospective or prospective. Your studies may NOT be a qualitative study, a mixed-method study, a quality improvement study, a systematic review, meta-synthesis, meta-analysis, meta-summary, or integrative review, or a thesis or dissertation. The article should not be a general information article without the elements of a study (e.g.: must include a review of literature and a methods section with results and discussion).
  • Studies/ articles must be current, within 5 years, and in English..

The articles you will find must meet the following mandatory requirements noted in Chapter 3 (Types of Quantitative Research).

Step four: Find the elements in your articles that are named in the PINCH Table in Module 4 to help prepare you for your next assignment.

Step five:If you have questions about finding articles, post them to the Q & A discussion board for feedback from your peers / instructor.

Step six: Turn in the four articles (PDF format only) in to the assignment submission link under the Assignments Tab in Module 3 at the due date and time listed in your syllabus. There are multiple links available.Attachment preview

Does implementation of evidence -based practice reduce Healthcare -associated infections (HAI) in long term care facilities.

 HAI  has become a widely known problem occurring  in health care in recent times.  Patients continue to contract infections leading to more health decline and complications including death and poor quality of life.

One of my concerns with HAI has to do with the financial burden imposed on patients when it was not their fault that the contracted infections in the first place.

I always panic whenever I think of how  stressful this  would make patients feel. I couldn’t even imagine wondering how much my hospital bills  would be and how  I can pay when I am on my sick bed. Patients should be allowed  to free their minds which aids healing .

Through experiences, I know that patients in long term care facilities  are already compromised and are prone to contacting infections  faster  due to reduced immunity found in the elderly population .The frequency  of exposing patients  in this  category infection  increased the chances of contracting infections.

Evidence based practices that have been tested and verified to be effect and that works have been highlighted as one of the leading approaches that can not only reduce  but eliminate HAI. This continues to  be an area  that I  intend to explore  since expert say use of evidence-based practices will infarct reduce HAI.