human behavior

The purpose of this discussion is to practice applying theory to specific situations.

Choose one of the theories discussed in this unit’s reading (Chapter 2) that is new to you. Create an initial discussion post that does the following:


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Summarizes your understanding of how this theory explains human development.

Consider a recent event that has occurred and the response of an individual or a group to this event. It could be a natural disaster, a lottery win, loss of jobs or personal possessions, and so on. Recap the event by identifying concepts of the theory you have chosen to explain the behaviors that are observed.

For example, the recent event might be the honoring of a senior citizen by the local police department. You might choose to focus on the stage of life this individual is in and how the impact of such an honor reflects this person’s response to it. If this were your example, you might apply information from Erikson’s stages that reflects satisfaction at their time of life and how this stage of integrity versus despair is demonstrated through their behavior.



2nd Discussion




The purpose of this discussion is to reflect on ways in which human development theories might be useful in your life beyond this course, and beyond your immediate job.

Step back and think about how the theories addressed in this unit relate to your life. For your initial post in this discussion, describe how you might use this kind of information.


·         In your career

·         In your personal life….for me it would be going back to school in my late 40’s married/full time job, receiving my BS in my 50’s 

·         To support your growth and direction

Support your ideas with examples from your life and the lives of others whom you know. In your explanation, use terminology that demonstrates your knowledge of the theory involved.

This is a discussion not an assignment needs to be cited.



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