HTM 100 _ Week 8


Use the Internet to research a company that manages meetings, conventions and / or expositions, with a focus on the specific skills needed to be successful in a management position within that company. Be prepared to discuss.


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       Please complete the Nunally Meeting Hall simulations. Be prepared to discuss.


“Meetings, Conventions, and Expositions” Please respond to the following:

       For sales professionals, familiarization (FAM) trips are very important to closing the sale with a meeting, convention, or exposition organizer.  Determine five key things a sales manager would need to show a meeting, convention, or exposition organizer during a FAM trip to close the sale.

       During busy times of the year, a hotel, convention center, or meeting hall may have more demand than meeting space available. Describe how a sales team would determine what business to take.


“Management Position Assessment” Please respond to the following:

       From the simulation, determine the single biggest challenge you would face if you were to have either of the two positions discussed (Houseman and Manager), as well as how you would address that challenge. Explain your rationale.

       From the e-Activity, assess your ability to fulfill the responsibilities of a management position within the company you researched. Determine what additional knowledge, skills and abilities you will need to develop to ready yourself for such a position.

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