HRM 552 Recommendation Report

 I have attached the powerpoint presentation for the information to be added to.  It is due by 12 noon today!


A customer service call center has recently hired an HR advisor to make recommendations to their organizational development and training program. The call center’s profit margin has been low and many employees quit after 1 year. The employee who has worked longest has only been there for 2 years, and he is looking at other job markets. Many employees do not see a future at the call center. Many new hires complain about the lack of a training class. The only training involves them observing another employee for 3 days; afterwards, they are expected to begin working with customers on their own and to be familiar with the database. Customers also complain that representatives are rude, impatient, and confused when answering questions.

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Create a detailed PowerPoint presentation, in no more than 10 slides of recommendations for the call center.  Use speaker notes to present additional detail or to explain the slides. Do not write speaker notes as if you were giving an oral presentation. Use speaker notes to explain slides, if needed.  Include the following points:

  • Components of your job analysis and design
  • Techniques in developing your training programs
  • Importance and differences in using mentoring and executive coaching
  • An effective approach to organizational development based on the situation
  • Different approaches to career development

Format citations and references consistent with APA guidelines. Include speaker notes written in third person if necessary to explain the slides. Use speaker notes to explain the slides. Write in third person, including speaker notes; watch for the imperative mode of verbs because it is in second person and should not be used in your assignments. Example: Train, Take, Do, Review, etc This implies (you) train, (you) take, (you) do, (you) review. It is fine to say, “managers should: train, evaluate, review, etc.” but it is wrong to say: Train, Evaluate, Review, etc. Use several scholarly sources to support your work. The textbook is not enough.  Support main comments/statements with scholarly research (several sources).

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