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1.       Grievances-Please respond to the following:



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Ø  Differentiate between the therapeutic and legalistic grievance approaches, and provide an example of each type of grievance approach.


Ø  “To get something for nothing” – managers may believe that this is the rationale behind employees filing grievances. Explain if you agree or disagree with this statement. Provide a rationale for your thinking.




Arbitration-Please respond to the following:


Ø  Scrutinize arbitration and judicial proceedings, and how they may be used to satisfy a dispute.


Ø  Identify and defend two ideas you may have to make the typical arbitration procedure more effective. Indicate the advantages and disadvantages of your ideas.




Employee Discipline-Please respond to the following:


Ø  Discuss the potential implications of refusing to fire an employee in terms of indirect and direct costs.


Ø  If supervisors believe employee discipline emanates from a reprimand process, describe three mistakes supervisors may make in jeopardizing their employees’ morale.




Bargaining Practices-Please respond to the following:


Ø  Private Sector and Public Sector Bargaining have different constituencies and purposes.  Select two key differences of these types of bargaining and defend how the differences work in favor for the constituencies they represent.


Ø  Briefly summarize the Sunshine Law, and explain why negotiators avoid “Bargaining in the Sunshine.” Justify your position.




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