How can HRD staff members be motivated to pursue evaluation?

an exmple 


this is one exmple 

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Hopefully HRD staff members will be motivated to do evaluations to see that their program is a success for their own satisfaction.  They will want to do the evaluation to ensure their supervisor/workplace management is happy with their work and for job security.  If they desire to know if the program met it’s objectives they will be considering the evaluation process from the very beginning.  They will want to know if the desired results were met, if they should continue the particular training program and if it is cost effective.  They should consider that their supervisor will want to know these things and consider them important in a ethical sense as well. 


second example

 First of all, human resource development (HRD)staff must realize that evaluation is an integral part in the HRD  process. It is critical for the HRD department development and the whole organization progress. Then, It is part of the management responsibility in any organization to emphasize the significance of evaluation in their business, and how much value that evaluation adds to their work. That is why a lot of executives hold special meetings with their new staff in their first days of work just to emphasize that importance. Kirkpatrick in (Evaluating Training programs), mentioned three specific reasons for doing evaluation in any business, which are:

1. To justify the existence and budget of the training department by showing how it contributes to the organization’s objectives and goals

2.To gain information on how improve future training programs.

3.To decide whether to continue or discontinue training programs. This reason ,for example, clarifies that evaluation save a lot of time and efforts to perform something worthless. (P.17)

             When HRD employee be aware of evaluation beneficence, he will definitely allocate a lot of his time and efforts, and do his best to apply it in the organization. Even on the personal level, evaluation is also beneficial for the HRD employee himself. By efficient evaluation, the employee will be trusted, respected and needed. He can keep his job due to the improvement he made for  the work quality. In addition, when the employee evaluates a training program that proved its success, this achievement will lead to his self-satisfaction and self-confidence which both are significant motives for the worker.

            Furthermore, continuous  positive feedback for the concerned staff will increase their motivation toward evaluation. In fact, it is the responsibility of the management in an organization to constantly encourage HRD staff  and provide everything that the evaluation needs to facilitate the process. No doubt, that such supportive and full-equipped environment would be really encouraging and inspirational for all employees including HRD staff.


thrid example


Motivating HRD staff members to pursue evaluation should be handled in a similar manner as motivating all employees. Letting employees know their work is important to the organization, providing positive feedback, and giving support when needed can all help increase employee motivation. One beneficial difference between regular employees and HRD staff members is they have the knowledge of the benefits of doing evaluations. Of course, knowing and doing are two different things. Therefore, letting the staff members know the reasons why the need of evaluation is expected and not just recommended would help motivate them to incorporate evaluation into their workflows. Following that up with positive feedback and support will reinforce the department’s goals of quality work. When the staff realizes that what they are doing is important the likelihood of them continuing the desired behavior increases.

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