Homework 10

Homework Assignment Week – 10  Submit in your assignment folder.

Note to Students: The Caselet contains the Company profile, background information, issues, and tasks for discussion are included. Students are able to play the role of an Operational Risk Specialist for PridePoint Bank, a mid-sized, publicly traded bank that is focused on controlling risk to retain customers.

For your Homework Assignment for Week 10, please submit a (one) Word file to the Homework Week 10 Assignment folder in Leo under the Assignments tab at the top of this page, answering questions 1-3 inclusive under ‘Your Tasks’ on Page 30 of the Caselet.

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In your Word document, please repeat each Your Task Question and number each Question accordingly. Your well-written answer to each Your Task Question should be well thought out and supported with a detailed analysis or answer with either References to the Case itself or to external resources you deem appropriate to answer each of the Discussion Questions. Your response should be double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font. My expectation is your response to each Discussion Question should be at least a full page in length (including the Discussion Question itself), or at least 3 pages in total, again double-spaced. The 3 pages excludes any title page or reference page.