HLTEN515B Implement and monitor nursing care for older clients

HLTEN51612 DIPLOMA OF NURSING HLTEN515B Implement and monitor nursing care for older clients… 

HLTEN515B Implement and monitor nursing care for older clients 
Assessment A : Short Answer Questions 60% 
All questions must be answered 
Q1 Society holds many negative attitudes towards older persons. 
a) Outline two of these stereotyped views and give an example from current times to argue against them. 
b) Explain the reasons you think these attitudes towards older people may exist. 
(200 words) 

Q2 Identify two common medical conditions that affect elderly population. 
a) Describe their pathophysiology. 
b) Describe how each of these conditions affects the older person's ADL’s (in particular Hygiene, Dressing, Mobility and Socially) and explain for each ADL how as a Diploma nurse, you would help the person to maintain independence and life-style. 
(You may find it easier to format this as a table, similar to a care plan) (300 words) 
Q3 Delivery of safe health care is a focus in care of the elderly: (100 words) 
a) Why are elderly people at high risk for abuse. 
b) Identify the 5 types of abuse and give a different specific example for each; 
c) In the case of sexual abuse – Who needs to be notified? 
Q4 a) What does ACFI stands for? 
b) Detail the importance of the Diploma nurse in the ACFI process and explain why. 
(200 words) 

Q5 There can be many forms of communication issues in caring for the elderly 
a) Choose one pathophysiological cause. Describe the cause, its pathophysiology and specific nursing interventions that would facilitate communication. (150 words) 
Q6 Identify the correct name for when an elderly person is taking more than 3 or 4 medications at the same time. 
a) Give reasons why this may happen 
b) What effects can it have? 
c) List ways in which control and problems are / could be prevented: 
i) in an aged care facility 
ii) in the community/person’s own home (150 words) 
Q7 Choose the 3 names from the following list that are specific to Aged Care and briefly explain what they are. 
i) Abbey chart ii) Braden chart iii) Star chart iv) ACCR 
v) GEM unit vi) Wong Baker vii) Snellen chart 
Points to note: Word count is a guide only. Ensure your answers are easily identified and numbered. Referencing must be included in Harvard style. Attach completed cover sheet and marking guide. 

HLTEN515B Implement and monitor nursing care for older clients 
STUDENT NAME: _____________________________ ID NO: _____________ 
STUDENT GROUP: ________________ DATE: ________________________ 
Allocated Mark Mark Given 
Q1 Stereotypes 15 
Q2 Two disorders – Pathophysiology 
Impact on ADL 
How Diploma nurse can help maintain IDL 20 
Q3 Elder Abuse 10 
Q4 ACFI 15 
Q5 Communication 10 
Q6 Medication 10 
Q7 Aged specific terms 10 
Referencing / Format / Word count 
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