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Music History & Lit I: Composer Paper Choose a composer from any of the time periods we have discussed in class this semester (Ancient to Baroque) in order to write a 3-5 page research paper. Your research should include the following information on your composer:

 Basic biographical information

 Personal life (spouse, children, etc.)

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 Educational background

 Employment history

 Important works of music

 Influence on music/contributions to the development of music

 How the composer was affected by the world around them o Consider social structure, political climate, etc.

Your paper should be written in Turabian (aka Chicago) style, and should include a title page and a list of works cited and/or biography. You should use 4 or more scholastic resources to complete your paper. Turabian writing resources can be found here: https://www.liberty.edu/casas/academic-success-center/turabian/quick-guide/ Writing for music should be in a research style – succinct, direct, and factual. For research writing tips, see the “Writing Tips” document under ‘Resources’ in Discovery.