History Homework – 09:30 pm

Gleiser notes that, as the start of the 21st century, “There is a growing cynicism toward science, a sense of betrayal, of promises unrealized. After all, was not science supposed to be the new redeemer, the accumulated knowledge of the world, our shining sword to ward off the threats of unpredictable nature?” (45) Attachment

This week, we’ve looked at how ‘science’ emerged from a world in which such beliefs as astrology and alchemy were held by even highly educated and intelligent people. The so-called ‘scientific revolution’ of c. 1500-1700, however, produced a new way of viewing the universe, our (earthly) position within it, and ultimately — though it might not have been apparent at the time –how we regard the nature of time and the future itself.

With all this in mind, and based on your critical reading of this chapter, summarize in your own words how Gleiser responds to each of the THREE main charges against the limitations or failures of science:

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1. That it failed to deliver redemption;

2. That its massive accumulation of knowledge has failed to make a better world;

3. That it has fallen short of its predictions for improvements.

Then, again in your own words, suggest ways in which the continued rise of science over the past 500 years HAS shaped or altered the way in which we think about or envision the future. This might not be obvious to you, but think about it and do your best!

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