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The text discusses the SCAMPER creativity tool. After reviewing this in the text, complete the following chart with examples not found in the text. In the explanation column briefly explain how the example relates to the question. 



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Substitute: What else instead? Who else instead? Other ingredients? Other material? Other time? Other place?

Combine: How about a blend? Combine purposes? Combine materials?

Adapt: What else is like this? What other idea does this suggest? How can I adjust to these circumstances?

Modify: Different order, form, shape? Minify: What to make smaller? Slower? Lighter? What to do with less frequency? Magnify: What to make higher? Longer? Thicker? What to do with greater frequency?

Put to other uses: New ways to use as is? Other uses I modified? Other places to use an item or movement?

Eliminate: What to remove? Omit? Understate?

Rearrange: Other layout? Other sequence? Transpose cause and effect? Transpose positive and negative? How about opposites? 

Reverse: Interchange components? Other pattern? Backward? Upside down?

Assignment will be assessed using the following criteria:

  • The chart contains accurate examples for each of the 8 questions.
  • The chart contains accurate explanations for each of the 8 questions.
  • Writing is clear.  Used appropriate grammar and writing to express ideas. References (if used) were cited properly.

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