help system modeling(information systems)


Draw influence charts for each of the following problems.


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1—– The boeing company faces a critical strategic choice in its competition with airbus industries for the long-haul flight segment: should it design and build a super-747 model that can carry 550 passengers at speeds around 350 mph, or a plane that can fly at 95 percent of the speed of sound but carry only about 350 passengers? As a member of Boeing’s Planning Group, your risk is to build a model to investigate the trade-offs involved in this decision.


2—- The Red cross provides about 40 percent of the replacement blood supply for the United States. The available donor base has been shrinking for years, and although increased advertising has kept Red cross supplies adequate, the time is approaching when demand will outstrip supply. For many years, the Red cross has refused to pay donors for blood, because to do so would “put the blood supply of the country at risk.” However, Red Cross management has begun to consider changing its policy. Evaluate the impacts of a policy under which the Red Cross would pay each of its donors a set fee.


3.—- Congress is considering a new law that will grant amnesty to the roughly 13 million illegal aliens in the United States. Under this law, anyone who has entered the country illegally in the past  can apply for permanent residence status and a green card, which conveys the right to work.. This law, if passed, can be expected to have significant impacts on industres that currently rely on illegal workers ( such as hospitality, meat packing, and construction). It may also have impacts on wages, school enrollments, healthcare costs, and the future rate of illegal immigration.

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