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Health insurance literacy is defined as the “degree to which individuals have the knowledge, ability, and confidence to find and evaluate information about health plans, select the best plan for their own (or their family’s) financial and health circumstances, and use the plan once enrolled.”1 Ask a friend or family member about their health insurance plan. Is it provided by their employer or did they purchase it in the health insurance marketplace? What is their co-pay? What is their deductible? What type of plan is it? How much do they pay per month for their plan? Does their plan cover dental, vision, prescriptions, etc.? If so, to what extent are these things covered? Overall, are they satisfied with their plan? Feel free to add any other questions that will help you assess the level of understanding people have of their health insurance plans.

Your post is a commentary on the awareness of people of the details of their plans and how to use them. I want you to comment on the individual’s health insurance literacy. Did they seem knowledgeable of the details of their plans, were they confused by their plans, were you surprised by what you noticed? Did you learn something new about health insurance plans after talking to this individual, etc.?

Please note that the post is not a question and answer format but a summary of your assessment of the individual’s health insurance literacy. Make sure that you don’t include any names or identifying information related to the individuals you interview. Write up your commentary in around 350-450 words. 

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Note: You can view the rubric for the Discussion Board in My Grades.