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This assignment will go over major presidential elections over the course of recent American history.  I want you to choose one of the following races; This assignment is at least two page MLA formatted assignment that covers the major factors in the race.  Make sure you correctly cite your paper.  Use in text citations.  In the paper, I want an understanding of the two main candidates in the presidential race.  The major historical events that occurred during the race.  These races have historical implications because of major historical events and changes to the presidential electoral process, I want you to describe those changes. Were there any major issues that the candidates covered?  Were there any major third party candidates in this race, how did they effect the presidential race?  These races were chosen for a reason, they had major historical implications on the presidency, and I want you to learn about them. 

One way to think about this is divide the paper in two major sections, one regarding the issues and history and the other section about the campaign process.  Let me know if you have any thoughts.    

5 Points will be taken off if there’s no work cited page.  5 points will be taken off if there is no in text citations.  Please get in touch with me if you need any help with the assignment.  

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