govt discussion two


READ CAREFULLY!!!  Do NOT copy any portion of your response from other sources!

You can click on the links at anytime, think about what you want to write, and then start writing for your submission. Students only get ONE post and you should respond to at least 2 other posts. Additionally,  your submission cannot be similar to the submission of someone else.  You should plan before writing your post and submitting it. No attachments are allowed. Type your submission in the text-box. Your submission must be at least 300 words (not including documentation/citations) and your replies to other posts must be at least 5 well developed sentences.

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This graded discussion is based on guided writing.  In order to be successful on this discussion, you need to CLEARLY demonstrate an understanding of the information and the questions presented.  OPINIONS need to be based on EVIDENCE.  This means you need to provide documentation for statements.  Following directions is important.

2306 PSLOIdentify and evaluate information sources for political news, data, and opinion.

Instructions:  The meaning of political cartoons occurs through an analysis of the literal, symbolic, and figurative elements the artist used. You are asked to describe the overall effect of the cartoon, and how the artist’s choices combine to create that effect by posting responses to this discussion assignment that addresses the intent of the cartoon and integrating important course content specific to its intended message.

Topic: Consider the role of the media in revealing political information. 

Your response must address the following questions: 

  • How does this cartoon help you understand the role of the Governor and local government officials regarding policies about Covid-19?
  • How much value do you place in understanding or applying information viewed from political cartoons?
  • How effective are memes like this one in informing you about Texas state and or local city government action or inaction?

You are encouraged to think creatively and holistically as you assemble your response. Please write in your own words, do not consult outside sources (thus, no citations needed for GD2), and contribute at least 300 words in your response. Feel free to share your thoughts with your classmates. To do so, you are encouraged to post your response before the due date.

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