Gender & Society

·         1) Do an internet search to find a commercial that was made to air in a country other than the United States. Post the link to that commercial. Explain what evidence you see in that commercial that the internet or other media forms may have influenced global gender ideals.


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·         2) Use the internet to find photos of any U.S. disaster during response or recovery (i.e. a hurricane, tornado, blizzard, flood, or major human-caused disaster). Search for one photo of a man and one photo of a woman taken during this same event. Is there any evidence in the two photos that suggests that men and women react differently to traumatic events? Remember to give credit to the “owner” of the image by including information (much like in your paper references) regarding the origin of the image. Properly cite and provide links to any images you post. Post your photos and your ideas about the ways that men and women respond to traumatic events.



·         3) Use an internet search engine to find a video of a male-female interaction at work that shows how gender patterns in conversation can have career-altering effects.

Post the link to the video along with your ideas on the video


·         4) Search online to find a college recruiting advertisement that seems to be specifically trying to attract one gender. Post a link. Share the information you found out about liberal arts programs when you visited the link.

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