Foundations of Professional Practice-

NURS 2101: Foundations of Professional Practice- The University of NewCastle-Nursing Case Study-… 

NURS 2101: Foundations of Professional Practice- The University of NewCastle-Nursing Case Study- Report Writing Assignment


Empathetic understanding of the lived experience of patients is crucial to the delivery of trulyperson-centred care. By undertaking this assignment student will develop their ability tolocate, critically read, reflect on and apply qualitative nursing research findings to patient care. An online library module is provided within the Blackboard course to support students insearching for, identifying and critiquing qualitative research.

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1. You should select one (1) topic area from those listed below, which relate to the casescenarios studied in this course.

a. The experience of living with diabetes mellitus (for patient or parent/carer)
b. The experience of a new diagnosis of type 1 diabetes (for patient, child/adolescent or parent/carer)
c. The experience of living with chronic renal failure
d. The experience of post- surgical pain and or pain management
e. The experience of parents with a child in hospital
f. The experience of living with a stoma
g. The experience of being diagnosed with cancer/ or a life threatening illness.
h. The experience of being a patient (or parent/carer) from an English as a second language/or culturally diverse background in an Australian Healthcare setting.

2. You should then conduct a literature search and select three (3) qualitative research studies relevant to your selected topic. The studies should have been published in apeer-reviewed nursing journal within the last 10 years. Articles may use any qualitative methodology and may be broad– based or more focused within the selected topicarea.