Hello KOLL,

I just wanted to share with you that I really appreciated the 3 full pages last time but she had given me her opinion and said she liked my approach but indeed my answer was not correct, but she said great essay and gave me an A still- PLEASE for this essay it states in th directions to USE OWN WORDS- that is important if she put it in caps, i am still getting an A as of now and have a few more assignments to go to maintain the A so please help me to do this! You have been great so far. (For the discussion board in which i will send you next in another homework post- for the 2 responses- she had said that NO disagreeing or agreeing and both had all agreeing or disagreeing so please I fixed it but i need them to not be either as she says in the directions which i will include again)


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You have read and seen a documentary about the various models of the origin of Israel in the Land of Canaan.  In 3 pages identify the model that seem to you as the most plausible, explain it IN YOUR OWN WORDS and discuss its pros and cons.






the pdf that i am attaching for this assignment to answer the questions!

THANK YOU KOLL, i appreciate you very much.


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