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Each  policy  position  should  be  approximately  a  single  page  in  length  (singlespaced  for  a  total  of  two  pages  for  both  simulation  issues),  and  must  include  a  brief  historical  discussion  of  that  state’s  policies  in  that  issue  area,  followed  by  a  succinct  bullet  form  encapsulation  of  its  policies  (what  it  would  do  if  confronted  with  that  issue  again),  and  a  brief  bibliography  to  indicate  the  source  of  the  material.  The  bibliography  must  include  at  least  one  recent  Internet  source  and  at  least  one  relevant  library  source.  Students  are  not  to  fabricate  policies  and  must  provide  citations  for  all  the  state’s  listed  policies.  Internet  links  related  to  the  state’s  foreign  policy  are  welcome  in  the  bibliography.  


 The  policy  paper  is  worth  10%  of  the  total  grade  in  this  course.  Students  are  assigned  a  country  based  on  their  choices  and  the  grades  received  up  to  that  point  in  the  course  (participation  grades  determine  rank  and  midterm  grades  are  tiebreakers).  The  website  will  post  an  updated  tallied  list  of  states  that  have  already  been  taken  on  a  weekly  basis.  Do  not  begin  writing  the  policy  paper  until  you  have  received  confirmation  that  your  chosen  state  is  not  taken  by  another  student.   


Students  who  do  not  submit  a  policy  paper  may  not  select  a  state  for  the  simulations and  may  consequently  not  participate  in  the  simulations.  Late submissions will be penalized.  


Policy Paper Topics  


Each  student  must  submit  a  policy  paper  as per the deadline indicated in the Agenda of the course syllabus outlining  a  given  state’s  foreign  policy  positions on  both  issues  immediately  mentioned below:  


Policy Paper #1:


What is the given state’s policy on multilateral international pollution control, specifically in the area of sea pollution and radioactive materials? What traditional strategies would the state adopt in the event of a crisis? What is the state’s domestic population’s likely reaction to a pollution disaster? How dependent is the state on nearby fishing stocks and other economic uses of the oceans more generally? How dependent is the state on nuclear generators for its supply of energy?


Policy Paper #2:


What is the given state’s policy on ensuring the continued supply of oil to the world? How far is it likely to go to ensure this access and what multilateral approaches would it undertake to supplement other approaches to such a blockage? Where does the state traditionally obtain its oil supplies, what short-term alternatives exist, and how self-sufficient is the state? Is the state likely to gain or lose in the event of a sudden shortage in the supply of oil, and is it a member of OPEC?




You  will  be  submitting  your  paper assignment by  uploading  it  to  the  website.  
To upload the paper: 

  1. Once you have completed your paper and you are ready to submit it, log in to www.econcordia.com and click on the Assessments link in your eConcordia portal for POLI 216.
  2. On the Assessments page click on the Policy Paper Submission link.  
  3. Enter your username and password.  
  4. Click  on  the  Browse  button  and  select  your  paper (Word document)  to  upload    (this  is  the  same  procedure  you  use  to  attach  a  file  to  an  email  message).  
  5. Once  you  have  located  and  selected  the  file,  click  on  the  upload  button  and  your paper   will  be  uploaded  to  the  website.   

If  the  upload  of  your  installment  was  successful,  you  will  receive  the  following   message:  “Your  assignment  was  successfully  received”.  


To  verify  the  status  of  receipt  of  your  paper,  click  on  the  Check  Grades  link  in  your  Student  Menu.   

  1. Click on the Introduction to the United Nations link.  
  2. The  upload  status  of  your  paper  will  be  displayed  as  follows:   Upload  Status:  Received  on:  MONTH/DAY/YEAR  and  TIME  
  3. If  that  information  does  not  appear,  your  term  paper  was  not  successfully  received  and  you  must  resubmit  your  work  prior  to  the  deadline.   


Should  you  receive  an  error  message  during  the  submission  process,  please  send  your  paper  to  your  TA  as  an  attachment  and  copy  the  message  you  received  into  the  body  of  your  email.  It  is  important  that  you  include  your  name  and  student  ID  number  in  your  email  message.  Your  policy  paper  must  be  emailed  prior  to  the  midnight  deadline   to  be  considered  on  time – Refer to My Agenda on the course website for date. 


Please  note  that  term  papers  sent  by  email  to  your  TA  will  only  be  accepted  once  the  message  is  verified  and  confirmed  by  our  technical  staff.  Once  it  is  confirmed,  your  TA  will  email  you  to  notify  you  that  your  term  paper  was  accepted.  A  backup  of  your  assignment  must  be  saved  on  your  computer  and  on  diskette  and/or  CD.    




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