For A-plus witer

·        5 separate assignment Due Saturday Dec 5th, $20 each, Total of $100.

·        Please see attachments for assignments 4 & 5.


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1.      Research paper on air quality and air pollution at sequoia national park.( 5-7 pages).


2.      Journal on field history Museum observation (2-3 pages). in Los Angeles area since I live in LA.


3.      Journal on nature visitor center observation (2-3 pages) in Los Angeles area since I live in LA.


4.      Research paper on contemplating a hero (Omar Ibin Alkhatab) (10-12pages).

               – (see attachment for instructions and details). The Hero we ae Writing about is Khalifa Omar Ibn Alkhatab, and he is a hero because of his Justice and fairness as a leader and nowadays we have leaders like Bashar Alassad in Syria who’s been killing his own people to say as a president…



5. Research paper on 3 poses of yoga. (3-5 pages).


                  – Please read over the attached documents.  This is your final written exam.  Please read the Final Exam.doc first.  Then look at the example I have given you in the Vrksasana pdf file.  After that you can use the remaining documents to use for the final.  Once you have thoroughly read through the final exam document.

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