Following the Assessment, you will be provided with feedback chosen by your administrator.

Microsoft Word 2016 – Normal User

As in any employment search, time is of the essence, so please complete these assessments as soon as you can. You can begin taking the tests by going to:
1)   Click on the link above.

2)  Ensure that your computer meets or exceeds the minimum system requirements by checking the list hereImportant Note Regarding Pop-Up Blockers: Certain pop-up blockers prohibit the launching of a Prove It! test.  If you have Pop-Up Blocking software, please locate the software and disable your pop-up blocker.
3)  When prompted, enter your personal information. Some information may be required by your administrator.
4)  Click on the title you wish to begin. If you have been assigned more than one title, you must complete the one you began before you will be allowed to begin another one. 
5)  After carefully reading the Disclaimer, click “I Accept” to proceed.  If you do not accept the terms of the Disclaimer, click “I Decline” and contact your administrator.
6)  After carefully reading the Instructions, click “Begin” to start.
7)  Your Assessment will now launch.
  *  Follow any and all on-screen directions.

  *  Answer each question as quickly and efficiently as possible; the amount of time you spend in the Assessment will be recorded and reported to your administrator.

  *  Once you have made your final answer choice, move on to the Next Question.

  *  The use of reference materials or other assistance is not allowed unless you are directed otherwise by your administrator.  Failure to comply with these instructions may result in disqualification.

  *  You will not be able to skip questions or go back to previous questions.

  *  If you choose to leave the Assessment early, you will not be able to restart the Assessment.
8)  Continue this process until the Assessment is complete.
  *  If you complete an Assessment you will not be able to re-enter that Assessment. To complete an Assessment you must answer all questions presented to you or choose to leave the Assessment early. If you are unable to complete the Assessment due to loss of Internet service or other computer problems, you will be able to re-enter the Assessment until your session expires. In most cases, you will be able to pick up where you left off. Due to the nature of some Assessments (such as Typing, Data Entry, or Audio), questions must be answered in one sitting and in a sequential order. For those types of Assessments, you will be able to re-enter the Assessment but you will have to begin again from the first question. If you experience a disruption while testing, you will be able to continue your session when you log in again with your Session ID. You will be prompted to verify certain information that will allow you to continue the current session.
9)  Following the Assessment, you will be provided with feedback chosen by your administrator.  You may be offered specific question information, or you may be given a raw score.  In some cases, your administrator may want you to contact him or her for the results.
10)  After viewing any results, follow the on-screen directions.  If you have been assigned multiple Assessments, choose Continue Session and continue by following the instructions that begin with step 5 above until all Assessments are completed.    Otherwise, choose Logout.

Good luck!