Study Abroad university partnership proposal (NEED  ASAP)


I need help with putting togther a study abroad partnership university proposal.

I have chosen the following university, you will find all of the necessary info on their website.

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Please write them in a way that I can easily see the necessary sections.




NOTE ::  I’ve attached the partnership checklist.I need you to follow that list,for example: There needs to be a Need statement (Why partner with the Algarve university for this study abroad program) what is the university of houston-downtown will benefit from this partnership
what programs they have that will be equivalent to the programs that UHD offers,
Their equivalents programs are on the word document that I have sent,It is good to also add the cultural aspect of the program for both american and portuguese students,I also have that information on the word document.The check list is very important as it will guide you on the similar things to write on this proposal,from what I see you’ve focused on section 6 of the budget,

I was supposed to turn it in by now 

Title page, dividers and table of contents are needed.Between UHD and the Algarve university the innovation people are the sponsors who will fund the program.the check list is to guide you on what you must have on the proposal.

this work is not complete work

you focus on the budget and the project asks for more than just that

if you read the check list and the word document you will see the necessary info

for example your goal, objectives and tasks is not complete

I needed to have a table with the objective/begining date/end date.




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