Final Research topic

Topic- Exploring the Impact of COVID-19 Virtual Learning on School-Aged Children 


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Each student will be expected to submit a research proposal. The project will be developed throughout the semester and will have three parts in total: the topic and the conceptualization; the literature review; and methods sections. 

The Introduction and Statement of the Problem is the first section and should contain a discussion of the magnitude and scope of the problem. In this section, you should clearly state the problem and its worthiness for a topic of study. In order to substantiate your claim, statistics that relate to your topic must be used; these statistics are gleaned from websites, newspaper or magazine articles, and journal articles. 

The Literature Review grounds the research paper in a theoretical framework. This section is substantiated through peer-reviewed articles. In this section, the student should discuss findings from relevant empirical peer-reviewed research articles on the topic. The review should include at least (5) articles from a journal publication. The articles should date no further than the year 2015. 

The Methodology section consists of a detailed plan (this is only a hypothetical plan for research study) that will be followed in executing research. This section will include the following items:

· The research question

· Hypothesis

o Research and null

· State independent and dependent variables

· Conceptual definitions of independent and dependent variables

· Operational definitions of independent and dependent variables

· Research design

· Description of hypothetical sampling population

· Description of sampling strategy

· Data collection procedures

· Plan for analyzing data

The Final Research Proposal. All papers should be written in APA format – this includes the text of the paper, as well as the references section. 

Research topics can explore any applied behavioral science issue. Prior approval of the topic for the final research paper is required.

Students will research the topic thoroughly in order to fully explore and analyze the varying perspectives

regarding the selected issue. They must then formulate their own recommendations for resolution of the

issue, including justifications and specific strategies for implementation of the recommendations. Students

will properly cite all research referenced in the report, using the format laid out in APA formatting. The paper is expected to be between 8 and 10 pages in length. Sections of the paper will be developed throughout the course.

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