final essay


i want essay about (1300-1500) words

please read the two articles that i uploaded and write quotes in the essay.

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i want you also to send me the brain storming for this essay.

and use this thesis statement:


thesis statement: universites should prevent plaigiarism by teaching international student time mangement, teach them about plaigrism in the first weeks, and break large assignment into smaller steps.




Analysis of Two Articles that i upload


Pennycook (1996) defines the term plagiarism and introduces a broader context through which plagiarism can be understood. Besides analyzing the normal approaches learning institutions have been trying to use in stopping plagiarism, the article uses aspects of text, ownership and memory to explain how plagiarism works and its remedies. The article further takes a deeper historical analysis of how plagiarism developed. Also, it explores contemporary or modern perceptions and creates a comparative analysis of what plagiarism is and has been as well as unique approaches towards ending its practice.


On the other hand, Park (2003) explores a realistic trend in which university students have been practicing plagiarism from a literature studies context. Based on the North American experience, the article explores different compilations and articles based on the practice of plagiarism by university students. This article is used to highlight the increasing practice of plagiarism by university students and the extent to which it affects literature classes among other learning programs.









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