Facebook, Inc, v. ConnectU DISCUSSION THREAD and Airbnb, Inc. v. Schneiderman Case Study

2 Separate items ,,,one is a discussion thread, the other one is a case study, please see the instruction attachment.


Review the following 2 cases separately.

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· The Facebook, Inc. v. ConnectU

· Airbnb, Inc. v. Schneiderman

Facebook, Inc, v. ConnectU Discussion Thread

Read the case FaceBook, Inc, v. ConnectU– Respond to the following questions:

· Who do you think should be known as one who came up with the original idea for social networking?

· Which is more important: the idea or the execution of the idea?

· Identify strategies to best protect against getting beaten to market by a competitor.

Post your threads by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 2

Your thread must also be at least 350 words or more and follow the guidelines outlined in the Student Expectations APA format.

Airbnb, Inc. v. Schneiderman

Write a 4–5-page paper in current APA format, must include at least 4 references in addition to the course textbooks and the Bible

following the instructions below: 

  1. State the facts of the case
    • What       happened in this case? 
    • Who       are the parties? 
    • What       motivated the parties to take this action?
    • List       the facts by level of importance.
  2. Discuss      the Issue:  Discuss the issues or      problems presented by the case. The legal issue is the question of law on      which resolution of the case turns. An issue should be presented in the      form of a question. While most cases revolve around a legal issue, you      should also consider issues of public policy, values in conflict, and      practical reality. For example, a case study involving abortion might      involve the following issues: 
    • Legal:       Is abortion legal? If so, under what circumstances? 
    • Public       Policy: Should abortion be legal? Why or why not? 
    • Values       in Conflict: Which value is more important, a woman’s right to privacy or       an unborn child’s right to life? Why? 
    • Practical:       What are the options open to someone faced with an unwanted pregnancy?       Where can someone in this situation go for help and advice?   

3. Discuss the Arguments:  Now that you have defined the facts and issues, develop and discuss the arguments that can be made for each of the various points of view. For example, what are the arguments, both Pro and Con, for each point of view, which side provides the most compelling argument, and why, and what are the consequences? 

  1. Conclusion:  Each of these cases has a court ruling. Do you      agree with the court’s decision (why or why not?). From a Christian      prospective, how does this decision impact Christianity and society? If      the impact is negative, what recommendations would you make to overcome      that impact?


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