Explain how you would use your refutation to support your claim.

**Read my statements below in its entirety:**

LINK: https://socialnetworking.procon.org

(Part 1)Read the Pros and Cons page from the hyperlink in this post. You will need to create a word document where you complete the Claim, Support, and Refutation for the option you choose from the link. I will provide an example at the bottom of this post. (Part 2)After creating the document I need you to do two things:

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1. Explain how you would use your refutation to support your claim. In other words, if you were to write an essay on your claim, explain how you would weaken the point of refutation that you wrote to support your claim.

2. Look at my example and discuss why you either support my claim or refute my claim.

**Responding to these TWO parts** Respond to the second part in a separate word document!***
Both need to be MLA Format, Times New Roman, 12 font**

***Due: Monday 09/07/2020 8am ET** No late work accepted!!


Claim: Though the use of social media has some benefits, overall, social media is a very negative tool.

Support: According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), social media has become a key weapon for couples going through divorces “with Facebook being cited as the primary source in 66% of divorce cases” (“Social”).

Refutation: Universities use social media to showcase their programs and attributes in a very effective way (“Social”).

You can see how I took an idea from the link above to assist in supporting my claim and also to refute my claim.