Excessive trash essay


The essay will be a sociological explanation of a specific aspect of urban life. Students, for example, can focus on urban dependence on mass transit, or unbearable congestion, excessive trash, physical buildings and social interaction, flooding or drought, sustainability or green technologies, immigrant labor, or parks/green spaces. Both the picture collage and the essay should be provocative; this work should solicit a reaction so they need to be creative.

Format, each picture essay should be delivered in two parts:

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1 poster size collage of a minimum of 5 photos
1 4pp essay (hint: 3 questions, each should probably be 1pp – add cites if you use ideas from other authors or statistics from official/newspaper sources) (cites can be on an additional page – Use APA style)

Each essay will cover three essential questions:

1. Why is this aspect of the urban experience important and how does it affect the urban experience?

2. Currently, what is the state of the profound aspect of urban life? Provide an overview of the condition with statistics from official sources or ones gleaned from newspaper articles, etc.

3. In light of the profound aspect of the urban experience that you chose, what should be done? Use lessons from the course to offer well thought out advice on new directions. 


***i chose excessive trash*** its 4 pages.

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