Examine effective language strategies for short term retention of knowledge in children with learning disabilities (Complete this Paper in The next Six hours))

This Paper is due by midinight! No Plagiarism please. Quality work still wanted. I’ve already started it off I just need you to finsih it. Must be six pages total. I have already done one of them. See attachment for started paper. 


Problem Statement

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a. Describe your practical contemporary problem that is the focus of your proposal with full details with respect to your applied setting

b. Identify appropriate foundational theories of attention, learning, memory, language, or decision making that apply to your selected problem


2. Gap Analysis

a. Identify gaps in the applied setting (education, law, mental health, or technology) based on limitations of human cognitive systems

b. Identify improvements to practices in the applied setting (education, law, mental health, or technology) based on the strengths of human cognitive systems



3. Contemporary Relevance a. Explain how the theory or theories you identified when describing your problem (1b) are relevant to the selected problem


. 4. Interpretation of Research Findings*

a. Explain how each primary or secondary resource you selected supports the proposed improvement(s).

b. How do the results of the research and the findings from this research apply to your proposed improvements? c. What aspects of the research and research findings are not applicable to the proposed improvements? Why?


5. Project Methodology

a. What socially responsible strategies and techniques could be used for improving upon human cognitive processes specific to your applied setting?

b. What are the implications for using these strategies and techniques?

c. Of the strategies and techniques that you noted in (5a), which do you recommend given these implications?

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