Ethnic Studies


Read the short news article below:
Then choose one of the following options below and submit your assignment

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1. Write a letter to Ahmed Mohamed’s teacher explaining the harm of his/her/their actions. Make sure to define Islamophobia and describe why there has been an increase in anti-Muslim hate crimes since 9/11. The letter should be at least one page double spaced. 

2. Create an ad campaign that counters the Islamophobic ideas covered this week. The campaign could be a creative poster, a public service announcements, a commercial, informational tik tok or instagram post. Recorded PSA’s should be no longer than 3-4 minutes. 


Directions: In this discussion forum, please reflect on the codeswitch podcast “It’s bigger than the ban.” Respond to at least three of the following five questions in 2-3 sentences or bullet points each.  

  1. What was one or two new things you learned from the podcast? 
  2. Did you disagree with anything shared in the podcast? Why?
  3. Have you witnessed or experienced Islamophobic comments or attacks? How did it feel to experience or witness this incident?
  4. Why have government-led anti-terrorism/ anti-extremism efforts been particularly harmful toward Muslim communities? 
  5. Why do you think the podcast creators chose to highlight Spanish-speaking Muslim and LGBTQ Muslim communities?

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