Topic: Consider the following argument (an enthymeme):

               “We should not ban marijuana.

                Doing so is to legislate morality”

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      Conduct the analysis of “R & E” (i.e., Reconstruction & Evaluation) on

      the argument.

Using the book as references.

The essay should be about 7 – 10 pages in its main text,

“exclusive” of (1) the “improved and refined” version of

Abstract at the beginning, or (2) the Bibliography at the end.

(Of course, you should use the standard: double-spaced with

font of 12 points in normal letter size.)

As far as the Abstract at the beginning is concerned, it

should contain the following 3 statements:

1. nature of issue or question you’re addressing

2. your “conclusion” as an answer to the issue

3. your reasons, that is, “premises” for your conclusion

You have an option of adding to this beginning page for the

Abstract what has been referred to as R & E.