Ethical Decision Making Case Study


Choose one of the case studies provided in the topic study materials that you found interesting:

  1. Questioning the Average
  2. A Sinking Situation
  3. To Ship or Not to Ship
  4. Occidental Engineering Case Study
  5. A Violation of Privacy
  6. Is the Customer Always Right?

In a Word document, in a minimum of 500 words, analyze the chosen case being sure to include the following:

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Present a brief problem statement for the case study you chose.

Clearly state all the known facts

Utilize the Making Ethical Decision Evaluation Tool and fully explain each step that was taken.

Provide details and Biblical citations that apply to the decisions that were made and an explanation of how they apply.

Write a conclusion that provides an ethical recommendation for action that is in line with the principles and virtues discussed above.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, all citations must be in APA format.


For the week 7 assignment, make sure you use one of the cases listed in the study materials for Topic 7 and use the methodology from the week 7 materials. You must use one of these case studies, you may not create your own or select one form an outside source:

To Ship or Not to Ship

Questioning the Average

A Violation of Privacy

A Sinking Situation

Is the Customer Always Right?


In this assignment you are asked to “walk-through the decision-making process based on the tools provided by the course. Based on this, you will need to list each step and how you applied it. Use screen shots from your use of the stool and insert them into this paper.

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