Environment 115

For this final discussion assignment, you are to find one last environmentally related news or scientific article or one on a topic assigned by the instructor. The source material can vary from newspapers to magazines to journals and it must be current, published within the last month. If the article reports on specific studies, trace the information to the original source and include the link to this primary source in your discussion. For articles from environmental or science journals, the source must be from a university, professional society or scientific publisher, with the author associated with a university or science institution. For articles from major newspapers or magazines, the subject of the article must be sourced from a university, professional society or scientific publisher.

In the discussion area, create a 300-400-word initial post that contains:

  • An overview of the article with an active link to the article. If the article contains reference to an actual scientific study, include the link to this primary source of information.
  • Key points that are related in the article, and how they relate to information presented in class through lecture or in the textbook. Include what CLO(s) are addressed by the article.
  • Impact of the article to your state and/or the nation’s environment, society, politics or economics.
  • And finally, provide supporting evidence about the worth and validity of the article supported by citations from the textbook.

This assignment also requires you to read a classmate’s article and their review, and offer a peer review. You are to provide a 200-word peer review of your classmate’s article review. Response posts should add to the discussion in a meaningful way by bringing up an original and relevant point with support from the textbook, lecture or personal experience. You are encouraged to express a different interpretation or ask for additional information from the other students about the source material. Your reply comments do not require citation.

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