Enterprise Network Optimization


For your final assessment, you will use your work from the previous four assessments, along with this final piece to produce a cohesive plan for enterprise network optimization. Organize your work logically, as if you would actually present it to senior IT leadership in the organization you selected.

Use the following structure to organize and complete your assessment:

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  • Title page.
  • Executive summary (approximately one page that provides a high-level overview of what is in the document).
  • Body of the document:
    • Your network diagram, updated to include the following:
      • Apply basic load-balancing techniques as an effort to ensure network availability.
    • Analyze the technology presented in your diagram (you may use the information you provided in previous assessments, but do not simply cut and paste).
      • Explain your decisions for hardware placement, hardware devices, topology, and overall infrastructure design.
      • Support your analysis with recent, relevant resources.
    • Explain the techniques and strategies for maintaining high availability on the network.
    • Explain your load balancing strategy.
    • Explain how your network design addresses globalization. How can you be sure it will succeed internationally?
  • References page.
    • Include at least six recent, relevant professional references.
    • Format references according to APA guidelines.

Additional Requirements

  • Use the following template: Assessment 5 format.docx 
  • 6–8 double-spaced pages, not including the title page and references page.
  • Be sure it is professionally written
  • free of errors
  • Times New Roman, 12-point font.


Ensure you are following the scoring guide; this is how I will grade your paper:

  • Design a network for an organization.
  • Analyze the technology presented in a network design diagram.
  • Explain the techniques and strategies for maintaining high availability on the network.
  • Explain the load balancing strategy.        
  • Explain how a network design addresses globalization.
  • Write clearly with few spelling, grammatical, or mechanical errors.

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