English homework help

Question 1 – The Book of American Negro Poetry 

(100-200 words)

Why are many black poets using formal poetic techniques instructors in their writing? Why are they not using freeform poetry? Why are they sticking to these traditional poetic forms? Is there a particular reason that they’re doing that?

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Question 2 – Countee Cullen – “Heritage”

(100-200 words)

Although heritage focuses on the narrator‘s African identity the poem is critical of American culture what are specific examples in the poem that show this criticalness?

Question 3 – Alain Locke The New Negro

(200-400 words)

According to Locke what is the difference between the old Negro and the new Negro? What are some similarities and differences between Locke’s conception of the new Negro and Pharrell Williams’ conception of the new black?


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