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One of the main objectives of this assignment, besides learning the OM concepts in Designing Operations, is to practice communications, presentation skills, teamwork, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, which are the top 5 rated most important skills for effective leadership. This presentation (Powerpoint Slides + Word Document) is an investigational research project that should contain the following components: 1) Summary of a given chapter in the textbook focusing on OM principles, 2) Where possible apply your own experience to these principles, and explain how this helped to achieve organizational goals and objectives, 3) Supply a real case (problem) related to the topic. Then provide solutions which may solve this problem, 4) The Powerpoint presentation should be 7 slides each person in the group, 5) Citations are based on the APA writing style: Give recognition to the sources of materials used in the slide presentation. Sources beyond the textbook are expected; and 6) The Powerpoint presentation should have one slide that lists four related web sites with an explanation of how they relate to the content of your presentation, 7) The Word document 7 pages each member of the group and contain the information listed in this posting. Use APA 6th or 7th Edition formatting and double-spacing. You have been divided into various groups to prepare the documents. Group member communication is facilitated through any means, email, phone, etc.. Each group must have a minimum of three scheduled group chats/meetings. Groups are encouraged to use email and virtual chats in Blackboard for working on this project. Create your slide presentation using PowerPoint and your research paper in Word – My chapter is chapter 14 – Sales and Operations Planning My sub topics in this chapters which i need to do 7 page word and 7 slieds of PPT are 1-Sales and Operation Planning process 2- Strategies for Adjusing capacity