1. Ethics in Design :

Imagine that you work for a company that makes instrumentation amplifiers for medical equipment. The customer on a new project has asked for a change in the sensor circuitry that lowers the resistance between the sensor and the amplifier circuit. The nature of the sensor requires that it be operated at a high voltage, so the impact of lowering the resistance in the interface means a higher current flowing through the sensor.


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As the lead engineer on the project, you object to this request, explaining that you believe the safety of the patient will be impacted by this requested design change. You boss disagrees and orders you to go ahead with the redesign.


What do you do? What professional, social, and ethical considerations come into play as you decide on a course of action? How do you imagine your decision may affect the relationships with other individuals on the design team?


Write a detailed response to this scenario.


2. Continuing Professional Development :

Once you have learned the basics of semiconductors and their applications, learning about new applications of semiconductors, such as how they are used in integrated circuits or in advanced power regulators, is much easier. Efforts in this area are supported today in several different ways, including:

  • A wide variety of electronics magazines that containing interesting and informative articles and projects
  • Electronics kits available through electronics catalogs and at stores such as Radio Shack
  • Youtube videos, blogs, and other similar resources.
  • Membership in professional organizations, such asthe IEEE, where specific societies and/or user groups exist in many different technical areas, including semiconductors.

Explain how you would use one or more of these resources to engage in self-directed continuing professional development. What are you reasons for doing so? Are they purely personal or job related? What benefit is there in continuing to develop skills and acquire knowledge ?


Write a detailed response to these questions.


3. Continuing Improvement :

Your work in this course has required you to perform numerous lab activities using Multisim and its virtual instruments to measure the operational characteristics of several electronic circuits.


Explain how you believe the quality of your work has improved through exposure to these virtual instruments. How does a tool like Multisim enable you to perform your work in a timely manner at a high level of quality? Do you think that Multisim is a quality software package? Do you have faith in its simulation results? What confidence do you have that a circuit simulated by Multisim will behave the same way if it is actually constructed out of real components? How is the quality of your lab reports enhanced through screen shots of Multisim? How have your new skills in using Multisim improved your ability to develop and test an electronic circuit?


Write a detailed response to these questions.

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