Effects of soy protein nutrition on women and children health

Mini Literature Review Assignment

1. Your review should be based on your planned dissertation/research topic

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2. Identify at least 20 relevant peer-reviewed journal articles related to this topic which address current issues in this area, focusing on most recent work (2016 onwards); analyse the findings and relevance of this research

3. You mini literature review should include:

• a title describing the your topic and an introduction to the importance of your topic

• a main section divided into sub-topic sections in which you summarise the key points made in the journal articles and explain their relevance to your topic

•a conclusion of your findings, which should identify research gaps

•references (in Harvard style) cited in text and listed in full in reference section (by alphabetical order of first author surname; no bullets or numbers)

Overall presentation checklist

– 2,000 words (+/-10%) – text only, excluding reference list; give text word count on front page

– Avoid obtaining a high similarity score by not cutting and pasting text; try to write in your own words (all work with a similarity score above 20% will be scrutinised as will all work generating a 0% similarity score)

– Your review is submitted as an MS Word document with page numbers; do not add a page border to your document 

– Put your student number on the front page or as a header; do not include your name on your Word file 

-Ensure that your Word document has a tick in bottom left corner before submitting it

– Ensure you have addressed any issues raised in the formative feedback

• You are strongly advised to send your document to Studiosity before submitting

Upload your document by 23:59 28th November. If you submit after this time your mark will be capped at 50% unless you have been granted extenuating circumstances

– The upload file name should be your student ID number

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